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XRD 1000 Series Diffraction Tube Spec. Sheet     download (PDF)

Production Tubes Available:
Nomenclature Description Focal spot data (size at anode)
XRD 1000-10Normal focus1.0 x 10mm2
XRD 1000-04Fine focus0.4 x 8mm2
XRD 1000-04x12Long fine focus0.4 x 12mm2
XRD 1000-20Broad focus2.0 x 12mm2
All above foci are available in the following anode materials
Ag - Silver, Co - Cobalt, Cr - Chrome, Cu - Copper, Fe - Iron, Mo - Moly, W - Tungsten

Characteristic Lines of Anode Materials:
Target Material Periodic No. Wave K (α) in Å Length K (β) Beta Filter Excitation Voltage (kV)

Dimension Short Anode Long Anode
A17.3 mm30.1 mm
B21 mm34 mm
C105 mm118 mm
D194 mm207 mm
E213 mm226 mm

100% Replacement Warranty
In the unlikely event that an XRD 1000 tube should fail due to material or workmanship within the first twelve months or 2500 hours of operation, whichever occurs first, the XRD tube will be replaced.

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